Monday, 20 October 2014


Time, something alot of people dont respect...

"People must learn to respect time"

 A saying my late dad used to use often but I never really understood it untill I started working and entered University. Its quite the same as due dates, whenever an assignment is late, one gets penalised and marks get dedcuted from your final marks just because you were late. Same applies with employment, once you're late for an interview the person conducting the interview will go to the next one and you might miss that oppurtunity. At work when you're a few minutes late, you might get disciplined because time is money and according to that company, you're playing with their money.When paying an account late, extra charges might get added, you get a penalty fee and maybe, just maybe you get a phonecall from credit advisors/debt collectors asking you why you did not stick to an arrangement and get charged for that call.

I get very annoyed when a person is late for an arrangement we made because in that time of waiting for that person, I could have done so many other things. What Im trying to make clear is that people need to respect time even amongst peers because what you practice daily becomes a habit and one day you'll miss something very important or that could have changed your life just because you were late and you wasted someone else's time and for most people, time is money.

So as we all hustle towards a brighter tomorrow, let us practice time keeping and respecting other people's time.

Myself ( Welcome)

My name is Bronwyn Frans. Im a 24 year old Public Relations Management Btech student at The Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Im a very talkative person, love life, love to love, love attention, respect and very impatient. Im not easily impressed. I laugh alot. I get noisy sometimes and im a very hardworker.
My family are the most important people in my life, I value them, they are everything.

To most people Im known as Browny as some people cannot pronounce the name Bronwyn properly, it sounds very easy but I get very irritated when people pronounce my name wrong. When strangers hear or read my name they don't know how to approach me . They don't know whether to speak Afrikaans or Xhosa. Well I speak both. My mom is coloured and my dad is xhosa. Grew up under my mother's wing so we don't practise xhosa beliefs/culture. Some say I'm coloured,some say I'm black. Doesn't really matter.

 I love money and im big on savings. I try to save wherever possible and as much as I can though I dont know what Im saving for yet.

Education and Success is everything!

Welcome to my world